Tuesday, Jun. 15, 2004

"Aren't our bodies amazing? Sometimes I forget how awesome God's creatures are. For example, your body can convert anything into poop. You could eat ANYTHING and it would turn into poop. It's like a slow magic trick. A really slow, awesome magic trick."


Wednesday, May. 19, 2004

"Hugh Hefner, you "American Institution" you. I have respect for you, because you are a genius. You gave men a voice. Men didn't have a voice before and they needed one. You brought forth Playboy, which contained thought provoking articles, interesting probes into culture and politics, an intelligent view of American life then and now, a voice for the voiceless, and all importantly, fold out pussy."

margaret cho

Tuesday, May. 18, 2004

"Your son did not die "for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld."

"The reason your son died was because some fanatical psychopathic coward with a butcher knife, cut his head off. That's all."

mature individual